Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting Settled

This unpacking thing is taking forever.

It's very strange going to sleep and wakin up in a new place. 

Trading in our small 900sq/ft apartment for over twice that, is very bitter sweet. 
That was the home I nested in before Owyn's arrival. The home we took him to when he was born. 
The small patch of grass outside our front door where we'd wait for daddy to come home. 

It's all different.
And Im having a hard time wanting to let that all go and start something new. 
As exciting as it is.

This is my living room, still needing a lot of work. 
I told Dave he could have the family room do what he wants with. 
So far, I havn't seen him because he spends his days working on his room. 
Although, we did go buy $60 dollar lamps for it today (outrageous, I know) and made a trip to 
Guitar Center to buy a new amp for his guitar. He has BIG plans for a band room. 
Who knew giving a space to a man to call his own would be so exciting??

poor Owyn is so confused. 

Dave admiring my closets in our bathroom. 
That man still needs to hang my middle mirrors. 
Maybe if he'd step out of that family room for a minute I could talk him into it.

There is still so much to do!

More later.