Friday, July 2, 2010

What's Mine is... His?


One thing I've learned about motherhood is that privacy does not exist. 
I can't do anything without Owyn following me around. Peeing on my own? psh. forget it.  He waits right along side of me hoping to get a chance of sticking his hands in when I stand up. What's a mother to do? 

Another thing, you don't get to have ANYTHING to yourself.  Owyn gets into everything. And it's usually the things I really don't want him to have.  my cell phone, camera, makeup, shoes, wallet. You name it, he thinks its all his! It drives me nuts!

I will say one thing though. 
Sometimes he finds things that I've forgotten I had. Like today when he found my J Crew credit card that I haven't used since it was paid off in 2008. Perfect timing. as he was going through my wallet I was browsing the J Crew sale online (additional 20% off!). I've been needing blouses. Once I moved my clothes into my new closets I divided my clothes and made one closet for tops and the other for dresses and coats. I have my tops closet sectioned off by blouses/tees, cardigans and sweaters. I noticed that I have more cardis than blouses which doesnt make sense. So I've been on a mission to find more blouses. When I told this to Dave he suggested instead of getting more blouses I should just get rid of some of my other clothes. So, I comprimised. I sold a bunch of my stuff to Buffalo the other day and took my old/new J Crew card out for some exercise.

I'm sure Owyn was wishing he never found my card after the 10th top I tried on.