Monday, July 5, 2010

Mini Roadtrip- Part 1

This past weekend Dave did something really romantic.
He planned a little day trip date for the two of us.
And it was perfect.

We began our adventure in Sedona.
We walked around the shops and shared a small lunch and beers. We've had many dates in Sedona. It's a very special place for us. Sedona is one of the prettiest places Ive ever been. And lucky for us, it's a short 2 hour drive away.

As we were sitting on a porch enjoying the weather and the great work of the Lord, we started talking about traveling and I mentioned how fun it would be to get into weird situations in foreign countries. Then, some granola with super super short shorts (which were stapled along the hem) set up his video camera on his tripod pointing directly at us. He filmed us as if we didn't know and ate his home-packed lunch. It was very strange. And very uncomfortable.

So we moved on..