Monday, July 19, 2010

Celebrating One Year Out of the Womb

We celebrated Owyn's FIRST BIRTHDAY this past Saturday. 
All of our family and close friends came to shower Owyn with love. 

Let me just tell you, this kid is so loved!
Everyone thinks my child is the cutest, funniest, happiest sweetest boy in the world. Im not lying, thats really what everyone tells me. I'm known as the girl with the cutest son. Not to brag or anything, but I did work really hard to grow him. So I guess that gives me the right to take pride in my work. 

Owyn had such an amazing time at his party (eventhough he was asleep for the first 1/2 hour of it). 
He is so lucky to have so much love, guidence and support from so many wonderful people and so are we. And we are so lucky to have such a wonder son with such a bright personality like him. 

Thank you everyone, so much!