Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good Days.

Today me and my good little boy ran around town. Poor guy, I didn't want to drag him along but I had no choice. School starts next Monday and I had to get my classes set up and deal with financial aid stuff. He was such a good boy. I hope he stays this good once classes start. I am full time this semester, I have 14 credit hours. It may be a little tough with a new baby but I know I can do it.

Since we had to go to the ASU campus I of course drove around my favorite neighborhood and stopped at 3 roots coffee shop to pick up a caramel nut latte. Yummm.

I miss living in walking distance to these guys. Life feels different in the heart of Tempe. It's the only place i'll live in Arizona.

I started thinking about all the good times I had riding my bike to campus, which I won't be doing this semester. I remembered a particularly beautiful day last spring that sticks out in my mind. I woke up this warm spring morning at the crack of dawn. What does one do at 5:30am?? Well if you live around neat neighborhoods, university campus and tempe town lake you take your cruiser for a stroll. So I did exactly that. I rode my back up and down the streets of the neighborhood, through campus and to tempe town lake. There is nothing like being out early in the morning. Just you, your bike and your ipod. I felt so free and so alive while the earth stood still for that hour and 1/2. I even caught myself smiling a few times and thought to myself "oh crap, people will think I am weird if I'm riding my bike around this early smiling to myself".

The overgrown tree's were so vibrantly green you could smell it. The air felt crisp and fresh as if no one had breathed it before. The sunshine was glistening off the still lake water. The old ASU buildings where empty and silent as if they were resting from all of the foot traffic in the days. I got a chance to really look at and appreciate the beauty of these things we pass by and abuse everyday and really fell inlove. It's days like those that make me feel so blessed to be on this earth. And days like today that I spend with my son re-tracing those steps.