Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why can't the weekends be 3 days?

I so needed this weekend. I feel 100x better than I was by the end of the week.

Saturday morning I went and got my hair done. It was the perfect thing to do for myself because i got to get out for a couple hours and talk with my hair lady who also recently had a child.

I came home to a beautiful sleeping baby and a wonderful man who had started working on a school project of mine due tomorrow (its a brochure and Dave is great with photoshop).

We spent the day doing nothing but the brochure and took a nice long family nap, woke up and ordered Chinese from our fav New China Gate.

I so do not want this weekend to end.

Here are some pictures from today...

{everytime we put him in his swing he loves to look out the window}