Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our First Night Out

Saturday night my wonderful grandmothers watched Owyn for us so we could have some time to ourselves. They were nice enough to let him spend the entire night with them. While dropping him off I felt fine. Mostly because these women are baby experts and I figured if there is anyone he should be left with its best that it is my grandmothers. After all, they are my mothers mother and grandmother and nurture the same as me. Being with my grandmother is the next best thing if my mom isnt around.

Dave however seemed to have some separation anxiety. He was very sad dropping off our little Barnslig. It wasn't until later when I got sad. We were laughing and having fun at home together when Dave starting imitating the funny things Owyn does and was showing me pictures he took earlier that night. I started to get a tear in my eye so we stopped and moved along.

One of Dave's dear friends had a birthday party so we put on our best clothes that do not have spit up on them and went out.

{none of our pictures turned out well. the silk from my shirt reflected with the flash}

{Most random thing ever! We walked out of the house and there was a semi parked in the neighborhood}

{We had a little too much fun on the car ride home and we found a midget trash can.}

I was surprised by how much fun we had. I quickly remembered why I love being with this man so much. This was exactly what we needed. To go out (no baby) and be reminded of what it was that brought us together.