Thursday, August 6, 2009

You Don't Know Tired Until..

It's 3am and you were just up an hour ago. You routinely take you're fussy stinky wet baby over to the changing table trying not to knock his head into any walls while you struggle to keep your eyes open. You wash your hands and walk him back to the rocking chair to feed him hoping he'll fall asleep after 2oz. but everytime he stops sucking you try to pull away and he begins to suck again. Finally when he's done you burp him and then swaddle him back up trying not to wake him. Then, you gather your pump and extract everything he didn't take. This takes a while. Once you're done pumping you remember you havn't pee'd yourself, so you go and yes! It's been 40 minutes and you finally get to go back to bed. Right as you lay back down next to your peacfully sleeping sweetie, you hear your baby crap his pants.

And it all starts over.

But it's all for him.