Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Art Educator

is my new professional title. 

I finally started my new job at the ASU Art Museum after waiting months, literally.
I am loving it more than I thought a person could ever love their job. 

 {random shots taken in the courtyard of the museum on my computer last semester while waiting for class to begin. It can get a bit boring while waiting for class}

I find myself confused and sometimes giggling to myself at work when I remember that I am getting paid. 

Here is how my first day went, since I'm sure you're all dying to know what I do during my days: 
9-1030- set up for gallery conversations
11-12-attend conversations (and get paid! heck yeah! I liked going for free!)
12-1:30-  go around campus and hang posters for our new docent program
1:30-2- lunch
2-5- pick out my favorite piece in a newly installed exhibit and research it (I have to give tours, which requires knowledge of the work)

And here's how I spent my second day at work- 
10-1130-  type up and save my competed research on Carlos Montes de Oca 
1130-1- Arts and crafts! I got to play with our crafts closet and come up with materials we will need for the first Saturday family project. This involved creating my very own masterpiece. 
1-1:30- lunch
1:30-5- Begin research on Cuban Art. We have a tour coming up and the teacher asked that we focus on our current exhibit featuring many Cuban artists and I have to research Cuba and Cuban art so I can teach it to them and answer any question they shoot at me.( I can now tell you all of Cuba's art History from the 19th century and any basic fact about Cuba including demographics, culture, capital, currency, language, geography, government, the Revolution etc.) I also have to come up with a project for them to do, which requires more arts and crafts!

So, basically life is good. Minus my experience going to the doctor yesterday. I haven't been to see my PCP in three years! When I told her that I haven't done anything about my 3 year old esophogitis she seemed very concerned and told me that  untreated esophagitis leads to esophageal cancer. So, I have a new prescription and I'm taking it religiously now. I'm also getting my thyroid tested (due to my hot flashes and rapid heart rate) and have a referral to begin physical therapy for my sciatic nerve.

In other news, you might want mark this date and time on your calendars..

Thursday May 12, 2011 @ 12:30

because this is the time I am graduating!