Monday, February 28, 2011

A Long Weekend Post

I am happy to say that the rain did not affect our weekend activities.
It did however make it a coooold one. 

Friday night we had our cleaning party. Dave wanted to clean the house Friday night instead of Saturday morning so the house would already be clean on Saturday and we'd be able to relax. I told him that wasn't really the way it worked. Sadly, it isn't. And the house didn't stay very clean. Especially the kitchen after making fried chicken last night. I'm still cleaning up grease!

Saturday is a bit of a blur. I don't know why I can't really remember it. I had to ask Dave what took place because I couldn't even find pictures documenting the lost memories. But, I found them! This is what I know we did, thanks to pictures, collaborated on a delicious breakfast, went out for coffee, had one of our windows replaced, raked the leaves in the backyard, went to a "moms with multiples sale" at a church and played on the playground, and went to fresh and easy. The multiples sale was really neat, and in Paradise Valley, so they had a lot of really nice stuff. I found a Bugaboo stroll, really nice and orange for $400! Only $400 for a Bugaboo! I wanted to buy it really bad. I started thinking that I should have another baby just so I could have an excuse to buy the stroller. Maybe next year they will have another one? 

Sunday was lovely. We woke up, skipped showers, went to Dunkin' Donuts and took them to Kiwanis park. When I was a young girl my dad would do the same thing with us on weekends. Then, we went to Ikea to see what we need to have, just like my mom always did with us. I love going to Ikea, especially right when the doors open and there isn't many people there. There is a lot of stuff we need there. You should get excited because once I graduate and have the time and money, I am going to do so many things to this house of ours. After Ikea we went to Guitar Center. I think Dave took us to Ikea in order to get us to Guitar Center without any complaining. Smart man, that one. Owyn went crazy in the GC. I wouldn't even had been able to could how many times he said guitar and piano. The moment we walked in his face lite up with excitement and he screamed with joy.  "tar tar" "pee pee" "tar" "pee". He wanted to play ever one. He was in heaven.

I'm already looking forward to next weekend. 
Hopefully it will be warmer than this one.