Friday, February 4, 2011

Red Eyes and Raw Nostrils

I've been sick all week. Really sick. And it blows. It blows a lot of snot. 
Okay, I attempted to put in a little pun and it was lame. I blame it on the night time cold medication. I've never been into cold medication because I think it's unnecessary and doesn't work but I was in serious desperation last night and picked some up. Now I know what they are talking about when they joke about getting loopy off cold meds. I've been doing crazy things. And seeing crazy things, but hey, seeing things that aren't there is better than not seeing things that are there, right? I've also been typing crazy things. Crossing my fingers on the research paper I just emailed to my professor.

Today at work my boss came to and said "feeling a little loopy?" as I was lounging as far back in my office chair staring at my blank desktop screen. I looked at her with a blank stare and giggled a little with no response. It was then apparent to her that I might need to go home. I tried so hard staying. 45 minutes later we were touring a group of 100 high schoolers and I really wanted to be there to experience the chaos. Darnit!

Anyway, back to more precious topics.. Owyn!
My poor baby (toddler, whatever, he will always be my squishy!) is sick as well. It's only his second time being sick in his entire life. Boooya! He has such a great spirit though. He hasn't complained. He has however complained about my parenting skills by throwing a fit when I wouldn't let him play outside in the freezing cold with the shovel I scoop the dog poopies with. I'm such a bad mom! When your sick kid (who am I kidding, even healthy kid) is throwing a fit, a mom will do anything to make them stop. Even if it means sitting in the car with them for 40 minutes and letting them play with the windshield wipers. Brilliant! I know. We were outside (kinda) where its warm and there's music. Bonus, I could sit on my bum and relax. Worked like a charm. We even invited Mizti on our pretend road trip. She accepted, obviously. 

Tomorrow I have to work both of my jobs beginning at 8am. I'm not looking forward to it. at. all.