Monday, February 21, 2011

Sometimes We Talk to Strangers in Restaurants About Lactation

Saturday night we stopped at Oregano's, one of my all time favorites, for some pizza and wangz. Yes, we call the wangz in this household. It was 9pm and past Owyn's be time. Something has magically changed in this kids behavior in the past week. Out of nowhere he has decided that he wants to be a good boy again. No fits. He just chills out with us. We usually dread going out in public places like stores or restaurants because he just want to run around like a wild child but not this week. He was perfect at all the stores we took him to. 

We waiting a long time for our pizza. While waiting we met a guy. He started asking us questions about Owyn and told us how he and his wife just brought home their first child earlier that very day. He was so happy. I wanted to sit there and feed off of his happiness and joy. I remember those precious days. Before we knew it we were sitting in a busy restaurant talking about breast pumps, latching and lactating. It was great.

Then we went home and shoved our faces with food.

Major points from this post:

Oregano's is delicious
Owyn is starting to mature 
New baby's bring happiness and sore boobs

:) Have a great week!