Monday, February 14, 2011

Date Night

This weekend we did an early Valentines day date at Liberty Market. 
It was a mini <3-Day date with Owyn. We thought of going to a nice fancy place but this weekend wasn't a good one so we're waiting, maybe till this weekend? Mini or not, it was fun and delicious. And it's always nice to have Owyn along for some entertainment. 

Sorry my pictures suck. Dave get's embarrassed when I pull out my camera and take pictures so we do it super fast and he refuses to use a flash. I on the other hand I like to pretend to be a food critic working on my next piece. 

I love going out. It reminds me of the old dating days.

 {if you can't tell what Owyn is doing, he is shaking his head at the speed of light with a number card in his mouth waiting for daddy to open a excited! like I said, entertainment}

For my informal restaurant review:

We loved it! It was our first time there. My sister told me that's where all the cool kids go, so of course we had to go! I can't wait to bring her and my dad back to try the burgers. My dad would love this place.

.. AND Dave loved it! BONUS points!