Monday, April 18, 2011

Eye Patches and Applesauce Crushers

 Today I took Owyn to the doctor. He's been sick for about 2 weeks now. 
He has a gross cough and a runny nose. It's more like a leaking faucet that never stops. I have to change his shirt about 5x a day because it ends up soaked. Gross. I had a customer yesterday whose kids were sick with strep and he said it was going around. So as a woman, naturally I thought my kid had strep and it was working it's way to his organs by now and they were all going to start shutting down on him.

Turns out he's fine. Just a cold. Phew. 

Owyn got a sticker and he must think Im pretty special because he let me have it. 
For an eye patch as a matter-of-fact. Even betta!

Speaking of that kid, did I tell you how I impulsively buzzed his hair off?
Yeah, well, I did. I had no idea what I was doing without Dad and it didn't go so well. Owyn was so sad I bussed his identity away. All his confidence sprinkled all over the guest bathroom floor. There it went.. 

He caught a glimpse of himself walking past a mirror, stopped, looked and I could almost see the tears forming in those big green eyes. He touched his head and didn't even recognize himself. 
I felt pretty crappy. 

But, good news is, he has found a new identity. 

Bad news is, it's called the bad boy identity. 

 Have you ever seen these applesauce crushers?
They are the best invention in the world! 
 Aside from my Shark Stream Vac, of course.
Where would we be if it weren't for WWII?
Us women would still be on our hands and knees scrumming
our floors. And worst, having to sweep themm before!

{that's sarcasm, just in-case you don't speak the language}