Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to my Office

I also like to call this room my bedroom. 
Where all the magic happens. The academic magic, that is. 

I am super duper stressed out about this next week. 
I am working on this big paper that I have been researching all semester long (about Marco Palmezzano's Holy Family with the Infant Saint John the Baptist). It's amazing how attached you get to art after you've invested so much time researching it and dissecting it's context. Especially Christian works like this one. Oh, I could go on for days talking about this piece. And, I have. In this paper.

[um, that belly button book isn't mine. i swear]

I think Dave's going to kick me out of our room pretty soon if living conditions remain this way.. 
There are books everywhere!
I don't even have sheets on the bed! Who have I become??

btw, partially open drawers are a huge pet peeve of mine. 
I am actually quite embarrassed to show this pic.

I am presenting my research tomorrow. 
Cross your fingers for me! These Art Historians can be pretty awful at times.