Thursday, April 21, 2011

Think About It

At this point of my life, I've learned a very valuable lesson when it comes to shopping. 

Think about it

Ill tell you why I strongly believe this.. 

a. you won't spend money and regret it
b. you can save for it
c. you can usually find it (or something like it) elsewhere 

I consider myself to be a professional shopper. I find something that I want, or "absolutely need", and keep my eyes out. I always always find what I want somewhere else for way cheaper. Remember when I wanted Melissa shoes really bad but they weren't selling them in department locally yet and then I found them in a thrift store? On my birthday!!! Or the wicker rocking chair for Owyn's room that I dreamed up and then found a thrift store?

Another example, I have been wanting these shoes (or some like it) for a while. They even made it on my birthday list. Last week I found a similar pair at one of my fav thrift shops and passed them up. But, today I went back and they were still there! How could these gems be passed by for a week?? 

It was a sign..