Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tasty Indeedy

I picked up this little dinner idea from my pops. 

It's the easiest ethnic dinner one could ever dream of. 
Not to mention the most delicious. 

 {I desperately need a lesson on how to photograph food. my pics never look good}
We pick these Tasty Bite Bombay potatoes ups at Fresh & Easy or Sunflower Market, 
heat up for 90 seconds (yes 90 seconds!) and throw on some grilled chicken. 
My dad adds jasmine rice, but out breasts were so large (that's a first), rice would be too filling.

I also sprinkled some goat cheese and cherry tomatoes on top,
just because I have them laying around and need to use them up.

{Dave in his food coma after Owyn started piling all of his "friends" on him}

This is one of Dave's favorite meals. He wants it every week!