Sunday, April 17, 2011

It must be Sunday..

because our frigidator is full.

While strolling through the Trader Joe aisles this morning Owyn decided  that 

a. he didn't want to sit in the big boy spot and be buckled, he much rather preferred the basket. 
b. he didn't want to share the basket with the food so began throwing it all out. 
It was kinda funny watching him chuck things over and behind his head at first . He even made a funny little Owyn sound each time. The more items he threw, the faster and further they went.
While bending down to pick up his  flip flops I heard a bunch of little rolling balls, looked over and saw all of my baby heirlooms rolling all over the produce section. That was about the time it wasn't so funny anymore and so we left.

That kid can really get my blood boiling. 
But he's still the cutest kid on earth. Well boy, at least. My niece is the cutest girl.
They share the #1 spot for cutest kid.