Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today, Daily Struggles, Big News and a Dinner for Two

Today rocks. 

I skipped class to spend time with Owyn. 
I feel like we have been growing apart. Or more like he's growing and I am missing it. I only get Mondays off and every other Saturday and when I am home I am either doing school work or stressing out about not doing my school work. It really blows. I struggle with it everyday but when you get as close as I am, all I can think about is finishing so I have unlimited (kinda of) time with Owyn. Sometimes I don't think he even realizes that I spent 9 months devoting my body to carrying/providing/growing him, gave birth to him and fed him with my own body.

We cuddled, sang, danced, talked, learned and played in the rain. 
We also stopped by MCA (where I intern) and got fingerprinted. 
Oh, yeah, about that... 

I haven't told you guys yet. You know how I said that I'll have a lot more time with Owyn once I am done with school in May? Well.. I got a new job! Yes, that's right. I am so excited. I found out the day after my birthday. I have applied to work for AMY ( Arizona Museum for Youth) 3 times! THREE! And I finally got an interview, and apparently, they loved me. I am the new Gallery Educator. 

This job is the exact job I wanted for after I graduate and I'll tell you why, 
1. It's part time
2. It's a couple blocks away from my house
3. I'll be able to use my experience and education 
4. It's a terrific museum/curator to work for 
5.  I get to work with children
6. I will get paid a whole lot more than I do now. 

Even if I work 10 hours a week, Ill be bringing in about the same amount I am now working 3 jobs (granted one of my jobs doesn't pay).

So yeah, we went and I got fingerprinted and then went to drop off my pre-employment paper work to the HR department and when I went to pull Owyn out of the car he looked like this: 

Wow, way to make an impression.
"Hi, I'm Chelsea, I'm going to be working with the children in the museum. Oh, this is my son, don't mind his tattoo's, I let him play with a pen while we were driving in the car."


Tonight I grilled on my own for the first time. I wasn't sure I even knew how to turn on the grill, 
but it turns out that I do! 
 We had grilled chicken breast and spinach tortellini with pesto and baby heirloom tomatoes. Yummm.