Thursday, June 18, 2009

He he he hooo..

Last night we attended our last birth basics and breathing class.

It was my favorite of all. They freak us out at first and then give us some fun. I felt like I was in a sex therapy class. Breathing, positions, massages and toys. Oh my.

The nurse taught us all of the massages and how to do them. It was awesome because of course, we had to practice. Then, we moved on to our "mock" labor. We got to try the positions we found most intriguing and practice the breathing we learned prior as if we were having contractions. I loved it. Dave was right there with me through every contraction supporting my body, massaging my hips and he even did all of the breathing with me. Well sort of, he was always a little off my rhythm.

The thing I love most about this class is that the nurse tells the dad's everything the women want but don't say. Like, "don't ever leave her during labor", "these massages really help, and when your hands get too tired, use an object", "when she's snappy and tells you to get away from her cause your breath stinks, be nice do what she says and pop in a mint" , "ask her what feels good to her" "ask for her permission"and my favorite, advising us to get a prenatal massage . We have both taken away so much useful information from the class.

We are now prepared for labor. And got in some great bonding on the way. I'm so thankful for all of his involvement.