Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Waiting Game

We had another appointment yesterday.
Another lame disappointing appointment.

Pregnancy is such a waiting game. We're always waiting for something. Waiting for the sickness to subside, waiting for the belly pop out, waiting for the next week just so we can say, "I'm 34 weeks!", instead of 33 and of course, waiting to meet the little one that has caused us to be so anxious.

Every since the last ultra sound I have been waiting for the next. I loved seeing him so much last time I couldn't wait to see him again. There's just something about seeing him curled up, trying his best to find the most comfortable way to situate himself in my uterus that makes me happy.
I really needed to see my baby's precious little face on that screen yesterday. Seeing him helps me put the idea together. That is my baby. The baby inside me. That baby is inside me. Right now.

Unfortunately, I did not get to see that. This u/s lady just wanted to measure his little bones and show us how smart see is by explaining everything she knows. I was just so confused because last appointment they did that boring stuff too but then showed us the baby. We didn't even get the 3D view. What's the fun of this awesome new technology if it doesn't get used. Our first u/s was better, when the baby looked like a peanut. And to top it off, the baby's face was smashed up against my uterus so we couldn't see it.


I guess I'll just wait to see him when he is born.