Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lately We...

Here are the updates with all of us.

-am tired
-can't sleep at night
-feel like I weigh 200lbs.
-am anxious
-have been busting my butt on these summer classes
-dyed my hair
-want to swim all day
-want to chomp on ice all day
- is sick :( :(
- is working hard everyday
- playing shows every weekend
- is being absolutely awesome
- is more prepared than I am
- talks to the baby more than I do
- is growing his hair
- wants to drink "daddy juice" all day
- is healthy as can be
- has a perfect heart rate
- weighs 4lbs. 8oz
- is getting prepared for his escape
- doesn't really have any hair
- also wants to swim all day
- wants to drink amniotic fluid all day
We all...
- are moving next Saturday!
- get another baby shower this Saturday by some lovely friends.
(if you want to come let me know)
- are in love
- are excited to be a family :)