Monday, April 6, 2009


After yesterday I really needed to pick myself up.
So today I went to the eye doctor to get new glasses, went to the gym and sun bathed.
I tried out my baking skills, just like I said I would, and made these super good banana nut muffins. (I added chocolate chips because I am a bad girl). They are soooo so good! Finally I feel like I have accomplished something. It may only be muffins, but its a start. If you want the recipe just ask! I think I will bring some to my sister tomorrow.

I have busted out my sewing machine and the quilt I have been working on for a long long time. I hate to admit this but this was Dave's Christmas present in 2007, or was supposed to be at least. I am determined to finish it. I want to sew Elliot a quilt for his big birth day but I feel like I really need to finish this one first. I am working on attaching the back on (straight) but it's a tough job. I have redone it twice already. After that I only need to do a border and it will be complete!