Monday, April 13, 2009

Denver Festivities #3

Today we went to my favorite coffee shop Stella's. I know i know, I should not be drinking caffeine but it is so hard not to. My baby moves around all day and all night. I don't think this little man ever sleeps and I think it might be because he's wired on coffee. I only drink 1 a day, but today we figured he might get addicted just like I am and have headaches when he's born from not having it, so I should probably stop. Id rather have headaches from no coffee today than headaches from a screaming baby tomorrow, if you catch my drift.

We drove around the city and then to Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Also, another cool thing for Dave to see, since he is a 'musician'. Ha. He started clicking away on his camera again taking pictures he's never going to look at I am sure. But I guess it's good to have them.

I was feeling soo sick today. I don't know what from, I am guessing the altitude cause it always messes me up. I felt like I had the worst menstral cramps and gas on top of it, but I had no menstral and no gas. I felt like barfing, especially going up the steep hills to the ampitheatre. I even wondered ... is this early labor?? But then I took 2 tylenols and a nap and woke up feeling fine.

You can tell in this picture I wasn't feeling to well. It captured the emotion perfectly.

Thank you sooo much mom and Scott for having us and providing so much food! And Scott, the coffee's were teriffic. Ill see you guys at the baby shower.