Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Six Months Down, Three to go

Wow time is flying by.

We had our 6 month check up today.
It really freaked me out as we were leaving and the scheduler asked if we would like to schedule our upcoming appointments all the way out. Are we really that close the the due date??

Today was the glucose appointment which was no fun.Well I say no fun, but everything with Dave is fun because he entertains me. I had to drink a sugar cocktail which really hurt my esophagus going down. Ever since having esophagitis certain things really hurt, such as carbonated beverages. We then waited around for an hour so I could get poked by the vampire lady who took all my blood. It was also that time to get my Rh shot, since I am Rh-. It went right in my booty and burned real bad.

As the weeks pass by we keep getting more and more excited for the arrival of our sweet little boy. I now think of him more as my son than the little baby inside me. He's already Daddy's little buddy. I am so lucky to have Dave through all of this. He is so caring and helps out with everything. He doesn't let me do laundry or clean the tub or carry many grocery bags. He even caries around my purse sometimes. There's the saying women become mothers when they get pregnant and men become fathers once they see their child for the first time but that's not the case here. He is always talking to the baby, reading him stories at night (and sings to him twinkle twinkle) and rubs my belly. Most mornings I wake up with Dave holding my belly. The bond between them melts my heart. He is always telling me things he cant wait to do with the baby and teach him.

I keep wondering what kind a person my son will be and what type of parents we will.
Luckily we share a lot of the same views and want the same things. One of our biggest concerns is we want him to be respectful- there aren't enough of those kids anymore. We both know it is now our duty in life to raise this child to be a good person. We are both calm happy people which gives me hope that he will be the same.

It's funny how everyone who has children likes to tell you what it's like to be a parent. Most people try to scare me. And some actually do by watching them interact with their children. I realize once this child is out our entire lives are going to change and it will be tough, but I also know that it's really what you make out of it. I can spend my days stressing about little things and being tired and weak but that is not what I want out of life or for my family. And if you ever see me acting weak, I give you permission to punch me in the face.

I know it will be fine because I have a great partner and God leading our lives.