Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Fun

I so needed a weekend.

I worked six days straight last week so once this beautiful Sunday finally rolled around I woke up with joy. Wahooo. You don't realize how much of a toll pregnancy takes on your body until you don't have a chance to rest and simple daily tasks you did before are much harder. I am coming upon tasks I can't do so easily anymore- like get on the floor and squeeze between racks. By the end of these working days I am so tired Icollapse on the bed with my aching swollen feet propped up until Dave comes home from work- and usually massages them.

I have also been busy with school preparing for finals so I havn't gotten much done around the apartment. Luckily I have a wonderful man that steps in to cook and clean for me even though he's tired and had a long day as well. Oh and massages my feet (thank you sweetie). I have one more day of working at the store. I am going to be so sad to come back to a life of relaxing all day. I love working and staying busy. There is nothing like feeling accomplished by the end of the day. I would love to have a job but I lost mine in late October and with the morning sickness I was unwilling to get a job and now it's just too hard to find one.

Last night Dave took me out on a date to the Cheescake Factory.
It was soo special and not to mention delicious. We looked around at our fellow hungry omnivores devouring their meals or waiting anxiously to and made up our own stories of them.

"They are on their first date"

"They aren't on their first date but they aren't dating. He takes her out for a 'good time' but has another girl he's dating"

You can tell these things by observing. I am very good at abserving people.

Today we went to Tempe Market Place and bopped around. We then came home around noon and hit the pool side. Pretty relaxed day. Just what I needed. Dave went to his friends studio they have been building to jam for awhile so I am here alone catching up on some blogging and getting my baby registry together and organized.

P.S. We have an appointment with the doctor on Tuesday morning so there will be a baby update.

P.S.S. Elliot is doing well. He moves all day and our little family is growing closer ever day.
I love it <3