Thursday, April 23, 2009


We have internet again!

Yesterday I was running around going to an appointment, the pharmacy and the eye doc to pick up my new glasses before heading off to work. (I am working till Saturday). As I was waiting for my prescription to get filled I figured I would go say hi to Whitney across the street. I let myself in to find no Whitney, but an anxious Lola. Whitney and Josh got Lola before Christmas and she was sooo tiny and cute when they brought her home- except for the fact that she pee'd whenever and where ever she had to.

She was so happy to see me come in I couldn't just walk out and leave her once I didn't find Whitney I stayed with her for a few minutes. Look how much bigger she has gotten. She used to be smaller that my foot and now she attacks my feet when I walk, not even afraid of getting kicked and jumps on and off everything she can. This little girl isn't afraid of anything. She is just too cute.