Monday, April 13, 2009

Denver Festivities #2

Saturday was a little crazy.
We decided to go get started on the baby registry at Babies r us and I almost had a panic attack. I suggest you pregnant women do not register there. It was way overwhelming and everything is over priced. We did it anyway. Then we left and went to Target and registered there too. It was way easier and I felt a lot better. We compared priced and everything is drastically different in price.

We then spent the day watching movies. It was awesome.

Sunday we decided we would get out and see what the city had to offer. Me and Dave hopped on the light rail near my moms house and headed down town to the mile high city. It was really fun.

We roamed the city and walked to the Denver Art Museum. Dave went crazy taking pictures. Most of the time I was walking way ahead of him, and talking to myself thinking he was there only to look back and see he been side tracked by a big building.

It sprinkled most of the time and was pretty cold, but that's what made it so fun. It was like an adventure.

The art museum had a psychedelic experience exhibit going on with all of the Fillmore concert posters from like the 60's and 70's. It was so cool and great for Dave to see. We ran into all sorts of older people talking about their LSD days and experiences that used the word "groovy".

I know it's a lot of pictures.
If you are ever in Denver, go see the art museum! It's awesome and has 7 stories. The architecture alone is enough to go see.