Sunday, April 5, 2009

Busy Bee's

Friday I met my siblings (since Sean is in town from Denver), Grandma, Great Grandma and Uncle Josh for some lunch at Nello's. Sean is going home tomorrow but I will see him on Thursday when I go to Denver. I broke my favorite sunglasses and didn't realize how much my new ones suck until after this picture.

On Saturday the weekend got real busy. Mostly for Dave. He had to go into work which sucked pretty bad for him. He was there almost all day so I went around to my favorite thrift shops looking for some treasures. I didn't find anything I was looking for, unfortunately. Feeling unfulfilled I decided to go to Babies r us and realized how much stuff I need for baby. I thought holy crap I'm gonna either a)need to get a job, or b) make more friends to invite to my baby shower- which by the way is going to be memorial day weekend, so don't make any plans.

I went home after my adventure to an empty apartment so I decided to clean the entire thing. I usually bust out the bleach once a week (I know, its prob not good for the baby, but vomiting for 3 months wasn't good for mommy so whatever). Once he finally got home we went to visit his grandparents. It was lovely.

I am trying to practice my baking skills so I got everything one needs to bake. Following instructions and measurements is not my thing, which is why I'm a lot better at cooking. My first task, making banana nut muffins this week from scratch. Every night I need some sweets. Last week we even drove to baskin robins at 9:30 for some ice cream and I decided that's not good for our wallets or my waste line (which is non existent at this time anyway). Feeling guilty I got strawberries and pears and dipped them in a chocolate sauce I made. Much better than ice cream.
Every week I go to my sisters house to pick up my super sweet bike Dave got me before this school year started and ride to school. (I think I have the coolest bike on campus. It looks like a creamsicle). Also every week, I notice my bike betting lower and lower. I begin to think, either I am getting fatter or my tires are getting lower. Well come to find out last Tuesday, they are flat. I tried to pump them but it was unsuccessful. Why do they make this task so difficult?? Today I got Dave to come over with me and pump them. It's not everyday you see a pregnant lady riding a bike, right?

It has also been an emotional day. I hate these days, they make me feel like looser. Dave occasionally has a comment like "oh all the guys have warned me about this. They all say the women get all crazy when they are pregnant". This really pisses me off. What the heck do they know. I want to go smack them in the face and ask them what the heck they have to do. I think it's real funny how they think hormones are some made up thing we use as excuses. I'd love for them to try to be us for a day. Uhg! I have a lot more to say about this, it'll be another post, another day.

Anyways, I am making my moms green chili enchiladas for dinner which at BOMB but the meat is taking forever because I decided to take them a step further and slow cook the meat in green chili sauce and it's just not reaching the tenderness I desire. Another thing that made me feel like a looser. I then started to cry and then flipped off the pot and said "F you meat!". I think I should just go to bed...