Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Have an Anonymous!

Today I was lucky enough to have my first "anonymous" comment.
Okay this is funny to me because people have to wright these little hateful messages to people and don't have balls to post their name.

Now first of all this person must not be very bright because it is a loan. Now I don't know if they know what a loan is, but it is something that people pay back.

I have NEVER gotten a grant from the government.
I have only had loans and my dad pays the rest of my tuition that is not covered.

Second of all, I have always paid taxes. Not only have I not gotten this money back for anything such as grants, but I also most likely never will. So if I cant afford college I for damn sure will take out a grant.

Now, if there are any viewers who think I am "sick", I suggest you don't read my blog.
This person must not know me very well either. I, unlike them, would never leave a mean message calling someone "sick".

Leave the judging to God.