Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday

I don't know about you, but we love Friday's over here.

Today has been a crazy day for me. I began going to our favorite coffee shop Xtreme Bean (The Bean we like to call it) where I completed an online test for my Ritual Studies class (REL305-hardest class ever). I love going on weekday mornings because our friend works who only charges $2 for our drinks- and I get a medium soy white mocha so thats a sweet deal. I spent most of my time on ASU campus getting things done. I had an advisement appointment and figured I'd do other things while I was there like selling back books and talking to financial aid- one perk about being a "single" pregnant girl, you get lots of financial help. I got to spend the day with my bike :).

After finally returning home I figured I'd do my homework by the pool.
-Multi-tasking I like to call it.

I had to take a picture of myself, I thought it was so funny how it looks like I'm bottomless because of my belly. But I promise i am wearing a suite. I havn't really seen any pregnant women in bikini's but I'm still young and you ain't getting my in a one peice or tankini until I am at least a 35, and even then if my body is in good shape im stikin with the bikini. I like them on some younger women, it's just not my thing.

Happy Friday anyhow. Hopefully your weekend will be more exciting than mine. My big research paper for Medieval Art History is due Tuesday so that covers my weekend.