Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Fun

This weekend I have been working on my research paper that is due on Tuesday. I have been dreading it but it's actually pretty fun. If I ever try to get my PhD this would be the perfect topic to do a doctoral dissertation on. I'm so in love with this Evangelist portrait of Luke. It is from the St. Augustine Gospels and one of the oldest illuminated manuscripts that survive today dating from the early 6th century. The images on the registers between columns depict scenes from the life of Christ.

Yummm. Kabobs.
My dad made these often when he lived here and I had this serious craving for them this weekend. Of course we had to cook cous cous with it because that's what dad does.

-Oh and Dad, throw on some mushrooms next time. It's delic.

Friday Dave had to take a driving test online. (Hah Hah)
He was sooo mad. You can tell by his expression. Our darn internet kept going out so we had to go the "The Bean" for the wi-fi. I worked on my paper of course, and we were there almost until 12am! It was a little crazy.

I actually worked this Saturday!
It was great. A previous manager/family friend/aunt (I don't really know what to call her because she's been around for so long she is like family) went out of town so I am filling in at her store this week. My aunt works there so I get to hang out with her all day. It's a pretty sweet deal.