Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anxiously Awaiting

As the weeks pass by I get more and more excited for the big arrival.
Starting tomorrow I will be 22 weeks along. I can't believe how fast the time is moving. I wish it went this fast during the time I was sick all day ever day! Starting next week I will be at 6 months and I just started showing. I can still hide it though. I love showing the belly off but its nice to still feel somewhat normal size (plus 17lbs). I can still wear my size 27 jeans and that makes me feel good.

These are Elliot's first pair of shoes.
Checkered Vans provided by Grandpa Joe (aka: my dad).
He's gonna be the cutest little man. I want to get him matching clothes to daddy from American Apparel. Last week I began worrying because I hadn't felt him move for a while but this past Saturday Laura (Dave's mother) made us a super delicious meal and the baby must have loved it because he was going crazy just kicking away (I even teared a little, but I was extra emotional). There is nothing I love more than feeling him move around. Tonight I felt a little kick and I could feel a little knot below my belly button, I think it was his foot jabbing into me.

I try to make his stay as comfortable as possible. I talk softer and move slower and more graceful. I hope he feels how much he is loved and how much his parents love each other. I think that is very important for a child. I have gotten him a couple of books and nursery rhymes for daddy to read him so he will get familiar with his voice. Dave still talks to him daily, and now, the baby has even started to "talk" back. The other day Dave laid his head on my belly and looked up at me and said "the baby wants me to tell you how much he loves you and how great you are". It melted my heart.

If I wasn't so excited to meet him I would let him stay in my belly forever. I love having him with me all day and providing for him. I always dream I am breast feeding but he won't latch on. I know it sounds strange but breast feeding is one of the things I am mostly excited for. I have a new found appreciation for my body. I have always respected my body because I see it as such an amazing complex gift from God, something that he had his hands on, but now I am just utterly amused and empowered. I am so proud God has granted me the ability to bear a child of my own.