Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mexican Fiesta

My grandma had a birthday dinner for me tonight.
It was a little late because everyone is always so busy. Not me though! Say the words "free food" and I am there! It was so so delicious. She had all of the wonderful Mexican feast items including bean-corn dip, green chili enchilada casserole, deep fried tacos, green chili burritos and of course rice and beans. Its a good thing I'm preggers! We finished the meal off with the traditional tres leche cake. If you haven't had one and like extremely moist cakes you gotta try it! She sent the rest home with us so me and baby are gonna be eating off it for the weekend.

I haven't posted a belly pic lately so I thought I'd up date you all.
Don't mind my chins. Its all of these feasts my grandma has been feeding us.