Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Overview

This was a crazy week!
I havn't gotten to do a post in forever.
Friday was pretty awesome. My moms entire family (minus Tina and kids) all got together to visit with my mom and Scott before they headed back to the mile high city. This is a picture from the party. It includes my step sister Kendra and myself. We had these crazy pizzas that we each sliced a foot long! I was thing "what is this, subway?". We left and went to our favorite brewery Papago to celebrate a friends birthday. I love being the only sober person surrounded by people under the influence. We went home around 1am sooo tired. Thats the lastest we have been out in months.

Saturday was pretty fun too. We didn't do much.
We ran around the city getting some errands ran and stopped at Gordon Biersch for some lunch that was delicious. And Dave got his beer sampler.This is us on the patio upstairs looking over Mill Ave. We went home and finished the day both surfing the internet until bed. It was nice.

Oh my! My belly is growing so large.
Today we started our Sunday trying out a new church- Grace Community. It wasn't the one though. We also went grocery shopping and bought girlscout cookies. Yes!
As we were purchasing the cookies I got my first notice of the pregnancy by a stranger. It was Awesome! As I walked up the lady said, "would you like some cookies for you and the little one". She followed by asking us if we know if its a boy or a girl yet, so I knew she wasn't referring to Dave as my little one.

I walked away so excited.
Someone noticed!
It was my first day wearing a tight shirt and I wasn't sure if it was a noticeable
thing or only to myself.