Thursday, March 19, 2009


I finally learned to tie a tie last night.

My man is such a rockstar.
Last night Dave played 2 shows with Yellow Minute. They were at our favorite little bars. Hollywood Alley and Yucca tap room. I love going to Hollywood Alley because it's the first place I ever saw Dave. It was Attack of the Giant Squids record release party and I was blown away! I never did meet him that night. I actually didn't meet him for a while after. It's as if God had a plan for us to meet. We had a few opportunities but it wasn't until a Halloween party that I wasn't going to go to until we actually talked it was instant connection. One of those where you feel like you have known the person your entire life and could talk to about anything. We went on and on talking to eachother about everything sitting on a trampoline. Mostly I talked and the kid would not stop smiling. It was so funny, I had no idea I was that amusing. It still hasn't changed. There are things I talk to him about that I have never talked about with anyone. And still, he looks at me with deep understanding and smiles.

Anyways, back to the night..
I had so much fun. I met up with two friends for a dinner at Pita Jungle and chatted it up before we headed to the show. The very talented Tony (guitar play) who Dave played with for years in Squid was back in town from Seattle and Dave was sooo happy to be playing with him again. Your could tell by the way he looked.
I love seeing him happy!

It was my first appearance out with a pregnant belly. I felt so proud showing my maternal body off to friends and aquaintances. I got a lot of the "you have the glow" comments. Now, what exactly is this "glow"? I kept thinking to myself- well yeah, I did get some sun this past weekend. But I know thats not what they mean. I just don't know what they mean. Is it from smiling so much, because I do blush a lot.

Sorry I posted so many pictures of Dave.
He just looked so cute, I can't help myself!