Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello Spring

Finally my favorite month has arrived!
This month is packed full of birthdays, including my own!

First, I'd like to wish my Grandma Nita a happy birthday today.
She is a pretty awesome grandma. She even took care of me when I got a tonsillectomy and made me a bunch of food I really wanted to eat but couldn't. I learn lots of great things from her.
Happy B-Day Grandma! If it weren't for you, I would have never had a birth day.

Do not forget tomorrow I find out the sex of my little nugget, so come back tomorrow to find out. My appointment is at 11:15 so ill know by 12:30 for sure.

Wednesday is my big sis Whitney's birthday.
I still need to get a sweet gift.
Lunch maybe??

The 11th is my step dad Scott's Birthday.
I made sure to put "happy birthday grandpa Scott" on his card, to make him feel extra old
because I am so nice :)

YES! Happy Birthday to myself!
I don't know why I like getting older. I'm always chasing after the next year. Pretty soon ill be running away from it. Wow, this year ill become a mom! I guess this is a big year to look forward to. Not to mention a great one. Hopefully, if all goes to plan, Dave and I will be relaxing beachside at my dads house in San Diego. Actually, I should start going every weekend! Lucky for me both my parents live in awesome places that I love to visit. It makes me wonder why am I here?!

Keep visiting for all the exciting events!