Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Survived.

This weekend wasn't so bad. I was expecting Dave to still be moody, but for the most part he left his bad mood at work on Friday. Or maybe it was the Midol I gave him. Saturday we went to target like most weeks and to the library to gather more resources for my paper. We then went down to Mill Ave. to hit up Urban Outfitters, induced by our addiction. Dave has been thinking about these shirts he saw last week and finally decided to take the plunge and buy them. It was actually just one but he couldn't decide on a color so bought both thanks to me saying "well why don't you just get both, you do work really hard" . Me, being the good girl that I am, did not even look at the clothes. That place is too dangerous.

Getting to Urban was such an adventure! There was some sort of art show (aka southwestern jewelery show that we usually try to avoid) that occupied the entire block. Everywhere we usually park was $10 event parking. Finally we found a space and I am so happy we did. As we were walking up I said to Dave "Oh man, if this is some sort of food thing I am going to have to find an ATM... If there is Indian fry bread I am going to loose it... Is that kettle corn I smell??". Of course there was so many good choices of food. And fry bread!! I have been craving fry bread (and apple pie) like nobodies business. If I could eat fry bread for every meal and follow it with a slice of warm pie, life would be perfect. But of course, life cannot be perfect.
Maybe in heaven?

During the night we went to a party for a friend of Dave's who is in town from Portland. We had a lot of fun. I think Dave had a little bit more because I was drinking Smart Water and he was drinking wine. These friends who hosted the party host the best parties. There is always lots of delicious food. I wish this top picture showed my belly cause it looked so cute last night, I was wearing a black cotton knit pencil skirt that I think really accentuates the roundness in a feminine way.

This is our Sunday. 1:00pm and we are still in bed and still wearing the clothes from last night. Me checking up on my grades and discussion boards on my ASU website and Dave playing his funny computer games that were made before I was born. His Nintendo was made the same year I was born. He likes to keep it old school.

Look how light my hair keeps getting! Its only the top 2 inches of my hair. I can't decide if I am going to let it grow out blonde or die it dark again once the baby pops out.