Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday in San Diego

This is what I woke up to on my birthday. The house has the most beautiful views, I didn't even want to leave the house.

When we got up on Sunday we walked to a coffee shop and had breakfast. We then walked back and looked at all of the other amazing houses that also have great views.

This day was a little more relaxed than Saturday. Dad took us out kayaking while he paddle boarded. A daily routine for him. We beached ourselves for a while and watched the calm water ripple in. Dad taught Dave how to paddle board. He was too afraid of falling into the chilling water so he didn't make it too far.

We went back to the house and laid in the sun for a while on the porch. Dad and Dave washed the Scion so we can drive home in a clean car and collect new bugs on the front. I watched while laying under a tree. We got into the clean car and hit up Pizza Nova for our last meal there and we were off.

I always have so much fun riding home in the car with Dave because it gives us hours to talk (and mostly laugh) with no distractions like TV and computers. Most experiences include making funny noices, talking about things we want in life and for our child, God, and what if's. I always have the what if questions. Oh and me telling Dave to watch the road and slow down, especially after he asks his what if - "What if we drove right off the road down that hill?"- as we swerve into the other lane.

Thank you Dad and Wendy for the great weekend and the awesome Knife set.