Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Fun

-"What is the Soup du Jour?"
-"That's the soup of the day"
-"Mmm.. That sounds good. Ill have that"

Anyway, we have been spending time indoors this weekend trying to kick this cold of mine. Perfect timing because its Harry Potter weekend on ABC. Could my life get any better?? I have done everything I can to feel better. Hot shower, vaporizer, chicken noodle, sleep. nothing seems to be helping. Nice for me though cause it gives me snuggle time with the love <3.

So I am minding my own business in the kitchen, maybe using my swiffer wet jet, maybe not. I glance up to look outside and what do you know..

"Baby come back!"

You may need to click on the image to see a larger view, but if you can't tell, its an old mop peeking its head around the wall of a neighbors patio.

Aahhh! The commercials are real!

So I am doing something exciting this week on my blog.
We are trying a few new recipes this week that i'll post. The neat thing about it is that the grocery list for the entire week is under $40. I was pretty proud of myself. Most things everyone already has at home like noodles and rice (we always have chicken and ground beef. I think they are essentials). Here is the menu and the grocery list. You can see a larger view by clicking. It's going to be a delicious event you do not want to miss!