Friday, March 27, 2009

I Love Weekends... And Fresh and Easy.

Wednesday my cute brother Sean came into town. I don't know if I have talked about him before but he is 17 and such a ladies man. He is fun to hang out with and always has girl drama. This pic is really old.

Yesterday I watched my adorable little super white cousin Jake. He is so funny, cute and nice. One of the most well behaved kids I know. He found this mini naked baby searching through my purse treasures and decided to take it for a ride in his jeep. He also burps the baby and puts him to sleep. Why did I have this little thing in my purse you ask? Well the first time I met up for lunch with one of my besties Melissa to talk to her about the pregnancy it just so happens she had it from a baby shower. She thought it would be best to pass it on to me so I could get used to carrying a baby around.
This kid loves my glasses. I tried putting them on after I had to steal them back from him while he was hiding (or shall I say "disappeared") in his fort and could not see a thing! They had fingerprints all over. His mommy gave me 2 boxes of baby clothes from his first year. But I have nowhere to put them :(. We are stuck in a 1 bedroom till June so I don't get to really "nest". I do have a beautiful crib and changing table through and that makes me happy.

We don't really have any plans this weekend but I am still happy. Weekends mean I have someone to hang out with all day. Usually during the weeks I see Whitney about once and go to lunch with at least one friend. Other than that and class I don't have much human contact. This weekend may be a little different from most. I might be trying to get away. Dave's been on the grumpy side for a couple days. I think it might be his time of the month. So if anyone does anything call me!

I actually really need to hit the books but you know how I am. Always procrastinating. I have a huge paper due in April for my Medieval Art History class. I chose to do my research paper on an illuminated manuscript, I think I am gonna do the St. Augustine Gospel Book. Art History rocks. I love it so much because I get to learn about masterpieces, history and in most cases the bible. All of western art is Christian (until you get to the modern art which isn't my cup of tea). Every piece is from a story of the bible.

Now that I have typed enough I am going to Fresh and Easy
I've been wanting to go for days!