Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Approaching Week 23

We had a doctor appointment today. Dave was making me laugh so much while waiting in the room. I was starting to think he was the one that should be sitting on the table. He kept yawning and saying silly things. He even started to make an impression of the baby's heat beat. He is so good at making noises and doing different accents. He claims its because he grew up in the 80's, whatever that means.

My little angel is doing well. Tomorrow we will hit week 23.
Elliot is now weighing about 1lb. and he is 8 inches long. Today the doctor gave us information to register at the hospital for birthing classes. That really excites me because that means he is coming soon! We are giving birth at the Family Birthing Suites at Scottsdale Healthcare on Osborn and Scottsdale Rd. Next month we will have the hour long glucose visit and I will receive my Rh shot. Soon we will start going every other week. Fun stuff. I love seeing all of the round bellies.

FYI: I have gained 17lbs!