Monday, March 16, 2009

Saturday in San Diego

Saturday we began our day going to a small local Point Loma coffee shop. This is a picture of dad and Dave. We then went to Ocean Beach and had a delicious breakfast. After breakfast we walked down to the beach, drove around and then went to Pacific Beach for some thrift shopping.

I got my shoes!
Remember earlier on my blog when I posted those Melissa shoes I really wanted?? Well get this, we walked into a thrift shop and I went straight to the shoes and what do I see?? My shoes!! And they were my size. We were a match meant to be together. These shoes are so hard to find and have to be shipped from Australia and I got them for $5, no shipping needed.

Going back to the house in cloud 9 not even believing this amazing day and my shoe find we walked up to the door to find these beautiful flowers on the door step. Some how sneaking Dave surprised me with flowers. I was so happy! They even had a sweet little love note.
He's too good to me.

Later in the evening dad took us down to the beach for a walk and we sat and watched the boats come in and out. It was so relaxing and there were 3 lovely birds that were more interested in us than we were of them. For dinner my dad and Wendy took us to C Level for a birthday dinner that is unforgettable. We sat outside right over the water and had a perfect view of the city lights. I even got a birthday treat.