Monday, March 30, 2009

Pregnancy = Sleepy Chals

I stayed awake in bed until 2:30 last night after putting down my bible at 12. Usually after reading the bible I fall asleep peacefully but last night my mind was full of worries. I was looking up my transcripts and my DARS report earlier that evening trying to figure out what classes to take this and fall. I realized most likely I am not going to be able to graduate on time, that being next may. That makes me really sad.

Today I took my grandma Irene to a doctor appointment and ran around trying to take care of business, changing medical plans, making returns to Target and trying to get more money from school to take summer classes. I have been so tired all day. I am reaching the point of my pregnancy where I find myself extra sleepy with leg cramps and lower pack pain. To add to it all my little man moves around in my belly all day and kicks me. He's a silly boy, whenever I place my hand on my tummy or talk he stops kicking.

Dave came home from work tonight and made me his delicious spagetti, knowing how tired I was. He is too good to me. He made me dinner as I studied for my Greek Myth art history exam. He even had the kitchen cleaned up before he ate. Sneaky man.